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How To Release And Remove An IRS Tax Levy

How To Release And Remove An IRS Tax Levy

  • September 13, 2019
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The IRS has always had the stigma of being very hard-nosed and difficult to deal with. While many times it may seem that way, there may come a time in someone’s life that it would be better to talk with them than ignore them. That time may come in the for a trying to get a levy release.

While the IRS can not just slap a lien on a person’s property, it can feel that way. In reality they must give a least a month’s notice before placing the lien. This is to give someone time to get funds together to try and avoid it from every happening. There are a few things that can help to see that it doesn’t happen.

Sometimes a lien is levied against a person and they truly feel that they can not make those payments and have sufficient funds to feed and clothe themselves. Making an appointment with the IRS and talking with them face to face is the best way to work out some sort of agreement. It may not be an easy conversation, as they will always try to insist on being paid in full, all at one time.

There are a number or organizations available that can assist and often get the lien released in less than a week. Often they can help with making arrangements that won’t be so difficult to work with. It is possible to set up an installment scheduled with them to pay back what is owed in several payments.

Taxpayers have a couple options when trying to pay back their taxes. They can make scheduled monthly payments until the balance is paid, or they can try a partial payment plan. This allows the IRS to review the taxpayers circumstances now and then to make adjustments they feel necessary.

There is also the chance to submit an offer in compromise. If a taxpayer can prove that it will cause a real hardship to pay the taxes in full, the government might be willing to accept less. However, it should be realized that this does not happen often, and they must feel that this is the best they can get.

It is not fun to receive this type of correspondence from the IRS. But the first thing to do is not panic. The very best thing anyone can do is call and talk with the local office to get a levy release or stop it from happening all together. Of course, it is even better to pay all taxes when they are due and not ever been in this situation to begin with.

How can a individual work with the IRS to get a levy release today? Getting a lien release may not be as tough as you think – let us give you more information right now.

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