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Fleet Insurance Tips for Commercial and Residential Drivers

Fleet Insurance Tips for Commercial and Residential Drivers

Fleet insurance tips are directed more at residential drivers than commercial drivers. While it is readily known that fleet insurance is a cost effective way for any business to insure multiple vehicles, it is not so well known that residential drivers can save money this way as well. For residential drivers who own more than one vehicle, fleet insurance can provide one of the more cost effective ways to keep the insurance premiums at a reasonable rate. Insurance for a single vehicle can end up being rather expensive if you have any of the underlying high risk issues that are common today. Insuring all of the family cars under a single policy can cut down on the costs often by as much as 50%.

Any business, large or small, needs to maintain vehicle insurance on their cars, trucks, vans, and any other form of transportation that might be in play. When your business hires drivers or delivery and service personnel, fleet insurance is not just a cost saver. It is often a time saver as well. One of the little known fleet insurance tips for commercial use is that any filed claim is often processed faster and with fewer questions than a residential private insurance plan. This is because it is already understood that your vehicle may not be on site or under your control at the time of an accident. Thus, the insurance company requires that you have less to prove when filing a claim under fleet insurance plans.

Your overall costs for fleet insurance are usually determined by the important aspects pertaining to the vehicles in question. You will need to provide accurate information of the makes, models, and mileage in order for your quote to be accurate. However, driver history may or may not play an actual role in determining your overall cost. This is highly convenient for anyone who has a relatively high turnover of drivers or tends to have a difficult time procuring drivers with perfectly clean records. For residential and commercial drivers, the greatest fleet insurance tips include common sense issues like remember to shop around annually and to ask your current fleet provider to offer you a better deal. Comparing companies often gives you leverage, although it is possible that by asking for a discount or a promotional deal that they will extend it to you.

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