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Family Fleet Insurance

Family Fleet Insurance

If you have multiple cars (3 of more is ideal), all used by members of your family, a family fleet insurance policy might be ideal for you; they typically offer a large saving over regular insurance policies and save you the hassle of individually insuring each car. They can also offer some great benefits that feature only on the high end insurance packages for individual cars.

Own a large car collection? Then, likewise, a family fleet insurance policy would be ideal. The general rule of thumb is “More cars than drivers? A family fleet insurance policy is the best option”.
So, why can they offer a lower price? To put it simply they know that all cars won’t be in use at the same time (how could they, if there is more cars than drivers), and so assume that a car will have less road time, leading to lower accident rates, which lowers premiums as the risk is lower to the insurer.

Let’s assume the price isn’t too much of a concern, why should you go with a family fleet insurance policy? Well they are more convenient; one renewal date, one firm compared to juggling various insurance policies for each car, each with their own renewal date and their own payment method. So, basically it saves time. Not to mention if you ever do have an accident, you don’t have to remember who insured that car. It also offers some great benefits; for example British policies cover UK and European breakdown recovery, a feature rarely found on insurance policies. They might also include a dedicated policy manager meaning that you will only ever talk to one person, should you call the company. This saves you time, as they will remember your details, saving time if say, you want to add or remove vehicles from your policy. So, above all, you’ll receive premium rate service if you go the family fleet insurance route.

When you look at all the benefits, there really isn’t any reason to stick with your one car, one insurer policies. A family fleet is simpler, cheaper and offers more. The only requirement is more cars than drivers, and even this is just a rule of thumb, they might be willing if, say you have 3 cars and 3 drivers etc. Of course, don’t apply if you have 1 or 2 cars – it that’s the case then stick to the typical one car, one insurance policy.

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